Xeven Quiz - ReactJS Quiz App Template

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Are you a beginner developer struggling to bring your Quiz App idea to life?

Do you find the process daunting and overwhelming, with countless hours spent on coding and uncertainties about best practices?

Exploring the App Development world as a beginner can be challenging. One of the common projects, like Quiz App, may sound exciting, but it comes with:

  • A steep learning curve
  • Frustration
  • Reinvention of every wheel
  • Self-doubt

No Worries!

Xeven Quiz can be your ultimate solution to conquer the challenges of beginner app development. With Xeven Quiz, you're no longer on your own. Our template provides a rock-solid foundation. You'll reclaim precious time and energy to focus on what makes your quiz app unique and engaging.

But that's not all!

Xeven Quiz has been meticulously crafted with beginners in mind. With a robust architecture and modular design, you can effortlessly add new features and expand your question database as your app evolves.

Our tech stack is ReactJS, TypeScript, and Styled Components. It ensures your app shines with dynamic interfaces.

Demo App

To experience the Demo App, visit the below link of Quiz App.

Live App

Powerful Tech Stack

  • ReactJS at its core, lets you design dynamic interfaces that automatically update and respond to user interactions.
  • Typescript brings enhanced development productivity through static typing and intelligent tooling.
  • Styled Components ensure fast and intuitive styling, allowing you to create stunning interfaces effortlessly.

Experience the Free Demo on GitHub

Explore the lite version of our app by pressing Live App Button.

GitHub Demo

React Quiz App's Theme Features

Before I explain the technical aspects of the quiz app, let me share the wonderful features of the quiz app. You can get all these features in a template and mold them according to your choice.

  • Seamlessly switch between Light and Dark modes with just a single click from the top menu.
  • The user can pick a quiz topic on the first screen, like JavaScript, React, or General Knowledge.
  • Every time the quiz starts, the questions will be shuffled or randomized
  • There will be a timer running when the quiz starts. If the timer finishes, the quiz will be stopped, and the user will be asked to see the result.
  • The template also supports three types of questions, MCQs, True/False, and MAQs.
  • The template allows for adding code snippets in questions. You can easily assess the users' programming knowledge and skills.
  • The template allows you to create questions with images to enhance user engagement.
  • Each question has a score. For example, a difficult question has 10 marks, and an easier one has 5.
  • Users can skip a question if they are unsure of the answer. They can return to it later and answer it before submitting the quiz.
  • The result screen shows how many questions the user attempted, how much he scored, how long it took, and whether he passed or failed.
  • In result screen user can see which question had the right answer and which was wrong. The user can find the correct answer in case of a wrong answer.

React Quiz App's Code Features

  • TypeScript powered Components: All components are TypeScript-built for enhanced development productivity with intelligent code completion and compile-time error checking.
  • Easy Theme Customization: The template provides easy theme management with IntelliSense support via Styled Components and Typescript. It allows you to customize the app's appearance without relying on hard-coded colors.
  • Flexible Question Data Structure: The template uses Javascript/TypeScript files to define quiz questions. This format provides a structured and flexible approach. The same format can also be used to fetch questions from an API if desired.
  • Modular and Context Pattern: The template follows a javascript modular and React Context pattern, promoting component reusability and maintainability.
  • Custom Hooks for Logic Sharing: The hook pattern lets you share logic across components. It also promotes code reuse and minimizes code clutter.
  • Built with React Best Practices: App follows industry-leading React practices. Our template ensures optimal structure, scalability, and maintainability.

Meet The Author

I'm Abdul Basit, a self-taught Fullstack developer who has embarked on a relentless quest for knowledge. I've personally taken various courses from platforms like Frontend Masters, Zero to Master Academy, Scrimba, Algoexpert, Udemy, Wes Bos and Mosh Hamedani courses.

Additionally, I have had the privilege of working alongside industry experts and top-rated Upwork freelancers, gaining invaluable insights from their decades of coding experience.

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You will receive a functional React, Typescript, and styled-components code for a quiz app, along with clear code documentation explaining how the app functions.

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Xeven Quiz - ReactJS Quiz App Template

2 ratings
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