Learn React with 5 Mini Projects

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Stuck in tutorial hell? Making copies of popular apps by following tutorials line by line?

Ever wonder, "Why can't I code and write logics on my own?" 💡

Don't worry!

🚀 I've created React Mini Projects for people like you.

🛑 Stop rebuilding famous apps and try to build meaningful apps and tools on your own.

💵 And most importantly, the challenges are FREE of charge.

P.S. These 5 mini React projects are the working solutions to the React coding challenges I've created for my tech blog, Codevertiser.

These React Mini Projects Are Perfect If You?

  1. Beginner developers looking for fun little frontend coding challenges to test their ReactJS logic-building skills
  2. Developers interested in building small tools that they can convert into micro SAAS
  3. Companies looking for ReactJS hiring challenges to assess their candidate's ReactJS coding skills

List of Mini React Projects

Project #1: Text Analyzer Tool

Live App

You shouldn't call yourself a React Typescript developer if you cannot write logic for this mini React tool within two hours.

Ever Googled for word counting tools? Now, imagine building something even more powerful!

This task is mainly focused on assessing:

  1. Handle input and extract values from the textarea
  2. Manage state changes
  3. Perform calculations on state updates, and display real-time changes

🌐 Beyond a Challenge, It's a Real-world Tool!

Text Analyzer tool is not some random online Frontend or ReactJS coding challenge. It is a complete real-world tool.

Benefits of taking this challenge

✔️ Portfolio Showcase

✔️ Transform this challenge into Micro-SASS

You'll Build 7 Features in this tool:

  1. Words
  2. Characters
  3. Sentences
  4. Paragraphs
  5. Average Reading Time
  6. Longest Word in Paragraphs
  7. Number of Pronouns (List Provided)

Are you up for the challenge? Read more details ➡️


Project #2: React Password Generator

Live App

Craft a script for the React app that has $140 in sales on Codecanyon!

I was searching for a ReactJS template on Codecanyon and found a Password Generator script. It was listed for 10$.

The script was exactly doing the same thing as the challenge I had created on Codevertiser.

The good news is;

✅ The challenge is completely free

✅ You don't have to invest energy in developing UI

The task you need to perform ⬇️

  • Implement the logic by following the user stories and make the tool functional

To participate ⬇️

  • Simply clone the GitHub repository
  • Follow the user stories


Project #3: React Random Quote Generator

Live App

Can you ace this fundamental React skill?

Imagine you go for a Junior React Developer interview, and they ask if you can fetch data from an API and display it on a web page without an error.

🔥 The Project:
Craft the logic for a versatile React Random Quote Generator App.

But wait, there's more!

+ In this project, you are also asked to share a quote on WhatsApp and Twitter.
+ The best part of this challenge is that the UI is already built for you, so you can focus only on writing logic.

🚀 Feature Suggestions: Personalize and Scale!
✨ Make it YOUR quote app:

+ Introduce categories for users to select their preferred quote type
+ Enable users to favorite quotes; save them locally or build a simple Node.js API
+ Improve the UI by showing multiple quotes
+ Show all the categories at the top or bottom of the page


Project #4: CRUD Typescript Tasklist App

Live App

Are you new to React and want to level up your skills?

I've crafted a special Free ReactJS challenge just for you - and it's all about CRUD.

CRUD is the foundation of React development.

What's awesome about this challenge? You don't need to sweat over the UI - it's already responsive and ready to go, but not functional.

But that's not all!

Not only CRUD, but you will also be using multiple React concepts and best practices in this challenge.

I have seen lots of junior developers create separate forms for adding and editing data, which actually you don’t have to, you can make your codebase clean, and use the same form for adding and editing data and handle it conditionally.

Are you up for the challenge? Read more details ➡️


Project #5: Memory Marvel [Memory Game]

Live App

Do you wonder how Memory Game logic works or want to write your own using ReactJS?

For the 5th challenge, I decided to add an interesting game: the Memory Game.

I named it Memory Marvel.

This challenge is specially designed to test your JavaScript and React logics.

In Memory Marvel, you are asked to write code in a way that the app can be easily configured in the future.

For instance;

  • if you wish to add game difficulty,
  • easy timer configuration with global const value
  • if you want to introduce a new theme.

A Glimpse of User Stories

Implement Card Interaction:

  • Click cards to reveal its content.
  • add the flipped class for flipping and matching.

Add Timer and Scoring:

  • Start a countdown timer with the first click and display a move counter.
  • Earn 10 points for matching, lose 5 for mismatches.

Game Completion and Modal:

  • End on successful matches, show a modal.
  • Refresh icon resets and restarts the game.

UI and Feature Suggestions for React Memory Game

  1. You can add a sound for a matched or incorrect move
  2. You can also add a pause and resume game option
  3. You can also add one more screen to let the user choose different difficulty levels (e.g., number of cards, card types, and match 2 or 3 cards).


I have kept these React Mini Projects in a simpler version. You can make these apps and tools better by adding more features.

The more you put in the effort, the more it'll become an asset for your portfolio or can be launched as a passion project.

I want this!

Access 5 fully functional mini React Projects to enhance your frontend skills.

Text Analyzer Tool
React Typescript
Password Generator
React Typescript
Random Quote Generator
React Typescript
CRUD Tasklist App
React Typescript
Memory Game React
React Typescript
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Learn React with 5 Mini Projects

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